Friday, June 24, 2016


venice, italy
I finally made it back to Venice! I absolutely love this beautiful city on the water. It’s just so dreamy and extremely photogenic! I can’t really describe it’s beauty in words; you just have to see it for yourself. Though, I think it’s because it’s a city built on and around water that makes it so lovely. Venice is especially so because all of the quaint little buildings are all mismatched. Since the foundations of each building are in the water, you can’t tear it down. So all of the original foundations are still intact. They just build on top of what is already there, which usually ends up being a different material or a different color and that’s what adds to the city’s appeal.

I absolutely loved Venice even more this second time around. I don’t know what it is; I could just wander about all of the different alleyways and labyrinth like paths and be happy for days. There’s not much to do in Venice anyway other than eat and shop, so wandering around and just taking in all of the sites is my favorite way to spend my time there. And that’s exactly what I did! Though I didn’t do it everyday as the weather was a bit unyeilding with its rain the whole time I was there, but the skies did give way to a few moments that were just lovely.

I think I’ve officially seen all of Venice now. I got to explore parts of it that I hadn’t seen before the first time that I went. I now have a lot of new favorite spots that are away from the main tourist sites, so they are a bit quieter and more my speed. There’s one place in particular, one of the island sections of Venice that juts out into the Grand Canal, so that if you’re standing at the tip of it you can see water all around. You’re able to see Guidecca on one side and main Venice on the other. It is a gorgeous spot and I could see myself sitting there all day. When I can across it, there was a class of art students sitting all around sketching, painting and drawing what they see. I did end up returning to the spot a little later on in the day and was able to sit there for a while just looking out at the sprawling island city before me and it was quite nice!

Other than that, I didn’t do very much in Venice. Honestly, you don’t do anything in Venice anyway. It’s just a place to wander around and marvel at its beauty.


Thursday, June 16, 2016


verona, italy
Since I was traveling from Lake Como to Venice, my travel mate and I decided to make a stop in Verona along the way. The only thing that I really wanted to see in Verona was Juliet’s balcony, so we figured we’d take advantage of our rail passes and make a stop there before continuing on to Venice.

My oh my was Verona quite lovely! The train station was just a few minutes walking distance to the center of everything, so after we deposited our luggage at the station, we took a nice 20 minute walk to the heart of Verona. I don’t know if it was because school had let out or if there was a university nearby, but the first thing I noticed about Verona was all of the young people. It could be that the Lake Como area catered more to the older crowd and I felt super young in comparison, but in Verona I finally seemed to blend in.

First stop was La Casa di Giulietta to see Juliet’s balcony and see all of the letters to Juliet everyone from around the world leaves when they come to visit. Upon walking through the archway, you are encased in darkness all around as you walk through the small tunnel with graffiti scribblings of messages and letters written on sticky notes and pieces of paper tacked to the wall with band aids. This is Juliet’s wall where people tack up their letters. After admiring all the scribbles and talking a few photos, you come upon a small little courtyard, with a bronze statue of Juliet standing tall right under her balcony. Behind her is another wall of letters. The whole place is really lovely and I would to come back to it during a time when it isn’t overrun by tourists.

The rest of our time in Verona was spent wandering about the city. It seems small and it’s really quaint. I definitely have it in my head that I will need to return someday soon to explore it properly. I think Verona definitely needs a full day of exploration and not just a few hours.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016


lake como, italy
Since I began my trip in Milan, I decided to head up to the lakes before making my way East to Venice. From all the photos I had seen online, the Lake Como areas was simply stunning. I decided to stay in a little town called Bellagio, the “crown jewel” of Lake Como, the central town within the golden triangle of Lake Como. Bellagio is a very small town. Being so, there isn’t a whole lot to do after walking the town once over in a day. You eat, drink, shop and just relax. That is all Bellagio has to offer besides the absolutely stunning landscape of the massive lake and the mountains in the distance that seem to surround it at every end.

I spent much of my four days at Lake Como in Bellagio, wandering around its quaint little streets, window shopping and taking snapshots of all its lovely little nooks and crannies. I did however hop on a ferry one of those days and visited the town of Varenna, another town on the lake opposite of Bellagio apart of the golden triangle. Varenna was absolutely picture perfect. Honestly, I think the small town, which is a bit bigger than Bellagio, is even lovelier than Bellagio. Varenna just had a lot more winding alleys and streets to explore and the scenery was just stunning. This town was like something out of a fairytale storybook. Honestly it was simply stunning! I’d honestly go back in a heartbeat and definitely explore all of the other little towns that line the Lake’s banks.