Saturday, April 30, 2016
this i know minibook

tik1I haven’t made a minibook in a very long time! Every year, I usually purchase Studio Calico’s Minibook Workshop Bundle. It’s a bundle of brand new minibook classes for the year. I made my DIY Minibook and my Celebrate Today minibook from the classes Maggie Holmes did for the workshop in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Last year though, I didn’t finished any other minibook class besides Maggie’s, so this year I thought I’d pass on purchasing the bundle all together. But throughout the year, a minibook class would go live for enrollment, giving you the opportunity to purchase just that one class if you like, instead of the entire bundle. Well, I come to find out this month that one of my favorite art journalers/scrapbookers, Caylee Grey, is teaching one of the minibook classes! I debated buying it–it’s $10 for one class–since I hadn’t allotted it in my monthly budget, but when it’s Caylee and a hybrid art journal minibook class, I just had to have it.

So I purchased it this past Thursday and have been playing around in my minibook since. I did all the lessons once through, then set to work that Thursday afternoon making my mini. This book is definitely different. For one, it’s tiny! It’s about the size of a Pocket Moleskine journal, though I made mine a bit wider, so about 4×5.5, which is so out of my usual. It definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone since it’s so small. But I’m absolutely loving the size of it! Caylee demonstrates so many different techniques and ideas to play with and I’m loving all the new ideas she’s brought to my mind! Seriously, I would have never thought to gesso scrapbook pages where the pattern was too bright for my style, but OMG it’s such a game changer in my scrapbooking and art journaling process! Like her, I’m more drawn to muted colors and pastels, so I’d normally just toss aside papers that are too bold. But gesso, hello! It’s one of the moments where I thought, now why didn’t I think of that before!


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Now before I go on and give more of the class away–I’m not, I promise, so you can check it out for yourself at Studio Calico. Tomorrow (May 1st) is the last day to enroll in it–here’s the first half of my minibook. I’m still working on filling it up, but I’ve actually made quite a handful of spreads already. Seriously, I had so many ideas and things I wanted to try that once I came up with an overarching theme to my minibook, I’ve just been working on it nonstop. My minibook is called This I Know, and in it is a bunch of things that I know to be true about life. These are all things that I have pulled from my own experiences and believe to be true. Some points may not pertain to you, but I think they are all pretty universal for the most part. But for the first page, I followed Caylee and jotted down an intro page of sorts, including a photo and a few true facts about myself.

1. be forever who you are
2. not all dogs are friendly

This class definitely got me playing around with my mediums and materials. I pulled out my acrylics, which I haven’t played with since I bought my watercolor palette last year. I used a mixture of both types of paint in this book and I love the effects. I also left a lot of the pages really simple. Like this green page with just the flower on it. I felt that since the spread before it and the page after it where really busy, leaving it so simple just made it work.

3. never lend your favorite book out to a friend; you’ll never see it again
4. it’s all okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
5. give love away
6. mother is always right

Caylee’s class also encourages you to use all sorts of different papers in your minis. Here, I used scrapbook paper (some of which I gessoed over), old book pages, paper doilies, printed vellum and watercolor paper. I love all the different textures and visual effects it gives my mini.

6. being weird is good. it makes you interesting
7. everyone love a great floral arrangement
8. there’s a story in everything

Even though I’ve been playing around with some new things, I still managed to incorporate one of my image transfers into my mini! I mean, it’s not one of my art journals if it doesn’t have an image transfer! It was very interesting including one on such a small canvas, but I like how it blends in with the scrapbook paper.

9. be true
10. be honest
11. make something. grow

This “Be True” spread is by far my favorite. I used my circle punch to punch through practice sheets where I played around with my acrylics and watercolor paints. I also covered a page with gold foil washi tape and punched circles out of that too. Then I painstakingly cut them all in half and layered them as so. The bigger half-circles were circle die cuts from Notes & Things from Crate Paper’s Project Life value kit that I also cut in half. I just love all of the colors and the texture the layers create. It’s just so pretty! I also really like the “Be Honest” spread, where I used alphas as a mask and painted over them. It’s so fun and I love the effect.

That is all I have to share so far from my This I Know minibook. I’ll definitely post the second half of spreads and a flip through video on my YouTube channel when it’s all completed. Definitely check it out in my gallery as well.


1I’ve been a scrapbooker since late 2012, and while I’ve made tons of minibooks and Project Life spreads, I never actually made a traditional scrapbook layout. I know? How weird is that? So, to try something new–and to be quite honest, I was inspired by the Felicity Jane blog, since I’m expecting my first FJ kit–I decided to give it a go and try making my very first scrapbook layout!

There were a few things however that I needed to consider. One, I wasn’t allowed to buy anything new. I’ve realized that I spend way too much money on scrapbooking products that I don’t get around to using fast enough before I buy something new. That and I recently subscribed to the Felicity Jane kit, so along with that and my Planner Society Kits, I will be getting new product every month. So I’ve placed myself on a ban. I’m not allowed to shop at Michaels or Target or any of the online scrapbooking sites I follow unless I really need something, like adhesive refills. That being said, I was limited to what I had on hand. Two, because I was limited, I decided to go with an 8×8 squared layout instead of the traditional 12×12 size because I only had 8.5×11 white cardstock and the only squared album I had to store everything in once they were finished was 8×8. So, 8×8 I went!

And I love it! I ended up making four layouts my first go and I think they came out decently. I’m not really telling much of a story in them, they’re just an excuse to play around with my stash and use up my stash of papers I’ve been hoarding. That is probably my favorite part, using up my stash. I would love to be able to purchase new products because I need to replenish and not because they’re pretty and I want it. So, I’ve set a brand new goal for myself! I will use up my stash and make as many of these layouts as I can. I still haven’t figured out what I will use my Felicity Jane kits on–they were just so pretty I had to subscribe to check them out–but since I haven’t received my first kit yet, I won’t really be able to determine that until I get my hands on one.

So yeah, here are my four layouts. To be quite honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I sort of just emulated all the layouts that I’ve seen from various scrapbookers that I admire, and sort of copied bits and pieces of their style. Sometimes, I just did whatever felt best. I will say that it’s very hard to scrap one of these layouts without having some sort of kit or coordinating collection to work with. I spent more of my time trying to put together a coordinating kit of papers and such from my stash before I ever even began to scrap a layout. I tried to stick to the same designers for each. So for instance, my layout of my dog Joey, I used Studio Calico papers from their Sundrifter and Atlantic lines and enamel dots, with thickers from American Crafts and my Heidi Swapp mists. For the second layout of my henna hand, I used all Amy Tangerine papers from different lines, with matching enamel dots and the “adventures” die cut from the Inspire Project Life value kit. The third layout of my friends and I, I used all Dear Lizzy papers from her Documentary line. Even the cloud bubble was from her papers. Then the last layout, I used all Maggie Holmes products from her Flea Market, Styleboard, and Confetti lines. That’s one thing I love about Maggie’s products, they all coordinate with each other, regardless of what line they are from. I would love to get my hands on her Bloom collection if I can find it in stock anywhere though.

But here are my layouts! Please forgive the poor quality of the photos, I didn’t know if I should photograph them or scan them, but I just ended up photographing them on my iPhone because there are no decent cameras in my house now that not only my camera is broken, but my brother’s–which I have been using lately–is also magically broken. Have to make due with what I have since I can’t really afford to buy a new camera–or get mine fixed for that matter–at the moment. My brother’s on warranty, so we have to send it out for a free repair, which is lucky. Anyway, enjoy my spreads and I would honestly love some feedback from them! I’m a total newbie here! 🙂


Friday, April 15, 2016
april love 2016: dear shadows


Dear Shadows,

You cast a shadow upon everything.

sincerely yours, T

April Love 2016: a month of love letters. This is an exploration of self-love and unravelling for the entire month of April presented by Susannah Conway.

Unravelling my thoughts and revelations that I have found out about myself and my life by looking deeper at the world around me. Inspired by Susannah Conway’s Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself e-course and her book This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.



So, I’m heading off to Italy at the ending of May and as usual, will be documenting my trip on the go. As I finished up my Southeast Asia journal, I also prepped my Italy journal, which I’ve housed in my brand new Websters Pages Color Crush Traveler’s Notebook that I love so much! Seriously, I wasn’t expecting to like this traveler’s notebook (only cause I don’t like their ringed binders of the same name) but man are these some really gorgeous traveler’s notebooks! I don’t regret my purchase whatsoever!

Anyway, I made some lovely inserts to go into this notebook. I made them a bit wider than the standard sized traveler’s notebook inserts, because I just like this A5-ish size better. I made my inserts using 90 lbs watercolor paper for the cover and 70 lbs drawing paper for the inside papers, which I put through my printer and printed a light gray grid on (cause I prefer grid paper). I only made three inserts, which I’m hoping will be enough for my 6-week trip.

I’m gonna try and document my trip a little differently this time. I was greatly inspired by Caylee Grey and her lovely travelogues and minibooks, that I wanted to try a more minimalist approach to this travel journal and use up all my pretty scrapbook things I’ve just been hoarding in my stash. Not going to lie, I think I made my kit way to big, but you should see how it all fits in my little travel organizer! I normally document my travels in a junk journal/smashbook sort of way, but for this one I wanted to come out looking like a legit minibook. As shallow as it may sound, I want it too look really pretty and clean.

As for my massive kit, here it is. It looks like a lot of stuff–and it is–but I managed to stuff most of it into a snack-sized Ziploc bag. I’ve already incorporated some of the papers into my journal, as you’ll see in the setup video I have down below, so there’s not much in my pouch. I’m still debating if I want to take certain things with me, but for now, I wanted to share everything that I’ve set aside to take for making this journal on the go. Even if I do ween some items out of my kit, I just wanted to give you an overview of everything I’m considering. I’d be super surprised if everything pictured ended up in my journal! I didn’t take a photo of my pouch organizer or the various tools I have in it, like my watercolor palette, compact scissors or mini stamp pads. But please check out my setup video for an overview of everything if you’re interested in how I set up my Color Crush Traveler’s Notebook and travel scrapbook kit.


Thursday, April 14, 2016
april love 2016: dear courage


Dear Courage,

Remember remember remember

Have courage to be yourself. To be free and the best you you can be. No one else matters. You be you.

sincerely yours, T

April Love 2016: a month of love letters. This is an exploration of self-love and unravelling for the entire month of April presented by Susannah Conway.

Unravelling my thoughts and revelations that I have found out about myself and my life by looking deeper at the world around me. Inspired by Susannah Conway’s Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself e-course and her book This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.