Friday, August 26, 2016


On my first episode of my Scrap With Love series, I begin by setting up my A5 Marion Smith Heart of Gold planner. I show you the process in which I make my dashboard using this gold foiled script acetate sheet that I back with a piece of scrapbook paper. I decorate my dashboard with bits from Pink Paislee’s C’est La Vie collection and other random bits from my stash. I then decorate my pockets with a few of the cut apart ephemera bits from Maggie Holmes’ Bloom collection and some decorative paperclips. In the bigger pockets of my planner I store the various sticker sheets from both of these collections so that I have them easily in reach.

I started by filling up my planner with random bits of scrapbook paper. I even printed out some grid pages on thick vellum bristol paper and just cut them down to size. I kept all of the extra “half sheets” too, because when I would cut down the scrapbook paper, I ended up with these strips of paper that I used to line the edges of the half sheets. They make for little listing spots and I love all of the odd sized pages in my planner. The first page I made was with a small square piece of paper that I used to make an about me or personal information page. The little card that tucks behind the selfie photo of myself has my name and address information written on it. On the back of that page, I just decorated with a some ephemera bits and an Aries zodiac image of the ram, with the number 4 for April, my birth month.

The next page is one of those half sheets. I used it to list “my intentions for life.” These are greater goals that I would like to continuously accomplish throughout my life. The following page is a little pie chart of things that I do on a regular basis. The pie chart cut out was from a Felicity Jane subscriber printable. I thought it was perfect to add into my book. I just used some string and labels to add a few things that I do on a daily…like sloth, which literally means I do nothing all the time. (And it’s true. There are some days where I don’t do anything productive.) The next bit is just a Project Life card that I used to add a little accent to my journal. I used a photo of my dog Joey and embellished the card a bit, just to give it a bit of dimension.

In these next few bits, I used tags from the We R Memory Keepers Typecast line to add a bit more standouts to my planner. I like these little bits in my planner because they break up the pages and make for great little decorative accents. I love all of the miss matching page sizes and these tags are just perfect for adding to that effect. The following two pages are full sized. One is just a decorative inspirational page that I made and the other is a corner of a grid page where I’m going to write a list of all the books I love.

This is just a little preview of the start of my visual planner. It’s the bare bones of it and I haven’t actually completed most of the pages that I embellished, like the books page. I decorated a few more grid pages, but I’m going to leave those for journaling, which I haven’t done yet! Anyway, be sure to check out the first video in this series to get a better peak in to my process and how I began to set up my visual planner!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

plannergirl1So I’ve been trying to build up my gallery ever since I returned home from my recent Eurotrip. My intention is to apply to a couple of creative team or design team calls that various scrapbooking companies announce this time of year. I’ve never been on a creative or design team before and I’ve always been so curious about it. My friend has been encouraging me to apply to the many that a call has been announced, but I’m both super picky and a bit hesitant because I’m not sure what my scrapbook style really is–I know I have one, I just can’t describe it for the life of me–and what company it would fit well with. Off the bat though, my intention is to apply to Felicity Jane, Crate Paper and Simple Stories if they ever have an open call because I really like their products. (For the record, I did apply to Felicity Jane since the deadline was this past July and I didn’t make it. But it was my first DT application that I’ve ever done and I’m just surprised I hit that send button!)

Now, layouts aren’t really my strong suit, which sucks because a lot of places want to see layouts. I’m more of a mini book maker. I just like albums in a bookish form, preferably ones that I make by hand. So building that particular gallery has been challenging. Luckily most places only ask for one or two layouts within the compilation of works you decide to send them. Even so, I have like one or two really good ones if any. So I started playing around again and made this particular layout for the Hit Kit Club application that I’ve been sitting on. (It’s due August 26th by 11:59 PDT, so I should really finalize it and make up my mind and hit send). I just get super nervous right after I take the time to fill out these applications. Win or lose, I know I’ll still scrapbook, but there’s something gratifying to know that a company you really admire likes your work so much they want you to work with them.

Anyway, I made this layout using the “Note to Self” kit from Felicity Jane. I still have quite a bit of it lying around from my Summer Stories mini and since it was already at hand, I just decided to use it to make a few layouts. This layout in particular was inspired by that Planner Girl wood veneer I got in one of my Planner Society Kits and I knew I wanted to use it. For this layout, I decided to film a little process video. I do a lot of process videos for my art journaling, memory planner and now my new Scrap With Love series, but I’ve never done one for a layout–though I guess it’s cause I don’t make layouts often. But I decided to give it a go and wow is it amazing to see your process and how your layouts unfold! I don’t think we really pay attention to our process until we see our process. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

scrapwloveI’ve been thinking a lot about this ever expanding hobby of mine I like to call scrapbooking. Lately I’ve been feeling like I could be making more and that I’m not scrapbooking enough. I feel like I’m acquiring more product than I’m using up and I’m essentially becoming a paper hoarder. I also feel like I’m becoming somewhat of a planner hoarder as well. Tis the season for new collections and I suddenly just want ALL THE THINGS but with no idea how to use them. So, I spent a lot of time reorganizing my supplies, breaking up my collection and compiling collection lines into kits. For instance, I found all of my Paige Evans for Pink Paislee Fancy Free line and consolidated it all into a kit, which I then stored in a 12×12 ziplock bag. I did the same for my Felicity Jane kits and other scrapbook lines I purchased a la carte, so that I had a bunch of kits I could go to if I wanted to start a new project. I felt accomplished afterwards; my craft area was much more organized.

But I still didn’t make anything.

Now, I don’t make scrapbook layouts. I tried my hand at making a few 8×8 layouts once, and while it was okay, I didn’t really enjoy it. Layouts to me are like one-shot stories documenting one moment in time and while you can make a series of them to tell a larger story, visually, they aren’t cohesive like a minibook is. I don’t know; maybe I’m not making much sense other than layout making isn’t for me. I do enjoy making a good minibook. Now the problem with minibooks are that they tell a complete story, from start to finish, in a tiny–or large–book. Minis are often made around a single event, like a wedding, trip, or any special occasion. You can also make a themed mini, much like my This I Know minibook I made a little while ago. This particular mini centers around an overarching theme from start to finish. While most minibooks use photos from the single event, my This I Know mini didn’t have many if at all any photos, which was fine in this instance because it was an art journal minibook hybrid. But most minibooks are often completed with photos. In some instances the photos prompt the minibook making.

While I enjoy making minibooks, I often don’t have enough photos to make a cohesive mini. A lot of my minis are themed minis because I never have many photos from a single event. I’m very young, single and don’t have kids, so there isn’t much of an outside story to my life. Most of my life events are usually travel oriented, so I end up making travel journals–which you can considered being minibooks as well but with more journaling–instead. I recently made a themed minibook I called Summer Stories, where I basically recorded a few things from my summer so far. While I made a really cute little mini and enjoyed myself, I still felt like I hadn’t made enough. Or rather, I hadn’t used up enough of my Felicity Jane kit.

I don’t know. I may be rambling, but I feel somewhat unfulfilled with my scrapbooking. I recorded all of my daily life in my Heidi Swapp memory planner using up my Planner Society kits, that I want every single one of my other projects to feel the same. But I never know what to document because besides all of my traveling, I don’t have anything to document.

Thus enters my new project that I hope will inspire me and help me fill up whatever empty void I currently have in the depths of my scrapbooking soul:


Scrap with Love is not really a planner project, it’s more of a project in a planner. I feel like I’ve been hoarding A5 planners recently. This came out of a wanting to buy the new Reset Girl Ballerina Planner from Simple Stories. Yet, I thought to myself, do I need to spend money on another pretty A5 planner that will just end up sitting about empty? The practical answer is No, but trying to rationalize with my ever nagging desire to buy it wasn’t working. So I took inventory and thought up ways to use all of my current planners. After doing that, I found I had one lonesome planner that didn’t have an occupation: My imperfect Marion Smith Heart of Gold First edition planner. I purchased this planner from Marion Smith for $5 and while it was an excellent steal–my planner had a few imperfections but nothing major that would deter me from using it–I hadn’t found a use for it. Well, I think I found a use for it.

Scrap with Love is essentially going to be “me time” where I scrapbook my heart out in my Heart of Gold planner for no other apparent reason other than to play with paper products. It’s going to be a place where I can make pretty stuff to just make pretty stuff. It won’t be a place to document an event or a trip or anything happening in my life. It’s just going to be about me and what I like and whatever else I feel like putting in it. It’s going to be like a visual journal–not an art journal though. More like a scrapbook journal. A place to play and experiment with all of the scrapbooking supplies I have accumulated and probably will continue to accumulate. I think it would be fun and I’m inviting you all to tag along!

So my intention for this project is to play in my planner at least once a week and document my process with you via YouTube. I will upload a process video each week of me working in my planner–setting it up, making pages and whatnot–and write up an accompanying blog post here summarizing my thoughts and sharing photos. I encourage anyone who feels in the same sort of rut as I do to come along and make your own Scrap with Love visual planner. Or anyone who wants to have scrapbooking fun in planner! Or anyone really. It’s open to anyone who want to scrap with love with me!

Be sure to follow along here on the blog, on my YouTube channel and on Instagram via the hashtag #scrapwithloveplanner. I look forward to sharing and seeing all the pretty stuff!

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