Sunday, October 19, 2014


I finally bit the bullet and ordered me some Kikki K. To be honest, I’ve been stalking that site since I discovered the beauty of the discontinued Mint and Gold Dots planner. I missed out on the limited edition Mint Personal Planner back in June and have been waiting patiently for Kikki K to come out with new Mint planners they said were coming out in October. But when October came around, the date was pushed back to maybe November, but definitely on time for Christmas. But, scouring the many Filofax For Sale groups on Facebook, I managed to snag this lightly used Mint Kikki K with the snap closure! The minute I bought it, I decided to order a few things from Kikki K because I needed inserts for my new planner anyway.

Right now, Kikki K is having a sale on a few items from their past lines, so I was able to grab the Uppsala Featured Journal for $13.97. I bought the first Cute Notepad and the new Cute Puffy Stickers, as well as a pack of the Uppsala Personal Planner Inserts to match my Mint Personal Planner, since the seller I bought the planner from didn’t include the original inserts. There’s currently an October Promo Code (diaryloveoct) that I used to get the Cute Mini Planner Notepad for free, which was perfect because I wanted to buy it anyway! There were a few other things that I would have liked to order, but sadly they were “Out of Stock” at the time and I didn’t want to wait any longer to order the few things that were in stock in the chance that they too became out of stock. So I grabbed the few that I wanted and hope that later on in the year (maybe before Christmas–or after the holidays when I know Kikki K has their end of the year sale) the other items are in stock so that I can purchase them then. Seriously, had everything been in stock, I would have spent SO MUCH money.

The photos on the store’s site does not do their items justice. Everything looks prettier in person! I was so surprised when I opened up my package because I wasn’t excepting the things I bought to be so pretty. But they were and everything matched so perfectly with one another! That made me so happy. I love the quality of the Uppsala Featured Journal. The edge of the pages are gold and there’s also gold embossing on the cover. All the pages in the journal are different designs as well. I was so surprised at how lovely this journal is when I got it because I bought it with the intention of ripping out the pages to use in my planner, but now I’m seriously reconsidering it. The two notepads are much smaller than I expected–they’re 5×7–but still a good size to easily be punched and fit into my A5 planner. And the stickers are adorable. The inserts I got for my planner are very nice. I love the simplicity of the layout, the only think I’m concerned about it that the ink to some of my pens may bleed through. I’ll just have to test them out, as I have not done a through testing yet.

I began setting up my planner last night. Right now, I have to print the week on two pages inserts I made for myself and purchase some laminate for my dividers, so they will be reinforced and protected over time. I think once I get all of that done and punched, I can put them into my planner and begin planning!

Before I leave you with my lovely pictures, I just want to say that shipping from Kikki K was excellent! I placed my order on Sunday, October 12, it shipped on the 13 and I received my package first thing Saturday morning, October 18! I didn’t except it to take just five days to get to me, what with it coming from all the way in Australia. I was excepting a week or more, but five days! What a pleasure it was to get it so quickly!

All in all, I’m an super happy about my first Kikki K purchase. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when they continue to come out with such cute lines of stationery each year. I’m probably going to go broke unless I show some self restraint!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Lately, I’ve been feeling like my mind is all over the place. Having not been home for a month–just a month!–so many things have piled up that need to get done. On top of that, there are so many other things I would like to get done just as the ideas for more things seem to pop into mind. For the last week, I’ve been writing and rewriting my To Do list. Luckily, I can finally check off  “Finish Project Life July” and “Photograph Project Life June + July.” Now, if only I can check off “Catch up on Project Life” off the list too!

Anyway, here are my spreads from June and July. I’m surprised I’ve kept up with my Project Life this far! I generally suck at keeping at things when they are long term. That’s why I like mini books and the travel books I keep. They have to end sometime and that time frame is relatively short. Project Life can go on forever if you let it. Which is why I’m debating whether or not I want to do one for 2015 or if I want to try something new in documenting my year. I don’t know, I’m seriously undecided at this point. But here are my spreads. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Parthenon

I loved and hated Athens. I know that sounds a little extreme, but it’s true. The moment I got out of the metro station onto Monastiraki Square and walked the few paces to my hostel, I was a bit disgusted by all the random tag graffiti all over the city’s building walls. I suppose it was a sign of the times, but it was very off putting at first. That coupled with the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about how to get around the city, it made me think down on the city. And to be quite frank, I still think Athens is pretty shitty, but there are bits of it that I really loved and it’s amazing how contrasting it is.

My favorite bit about Athens was walking the Acropolis. I believe I stumbled upon just one park by the Temple of Zeus, but other than that, Athens isn’t one for parks. I found that the Acropolis was Athen’s public park, except you have to pay 12 Euros (or 6 if you showed a student ID like me) to get in. But each part of the Acropolis is a little solace from the cluttered city. I found that I spent up to two hours at each the Ancient Agora, the Parthenon and the Keramikos. They’re the larger sites of course, but even at the Temple of Zeus and the Theatre of Dionysus, where there isn’t much to see, I found that I stay for about an hour or so.

Thing about walking the Acropolis is that it’s so peaceful. Especially since I went by myself, I didn’t have to talk to anyone and I could basically do whatever and stay however long I wanted. I would walk around for a bit then find someplace in the shade to sit down and rest. It was very relaxing being away from all the noise and amongst all of these rocks. I found myself imagining how the city looked in ancient times. And that’s the fun about visiting these ruins–or any ruin–it’s being able to let yourself imagine how life there once was. I don’t know, I may sound like a complete looney, but that was my favorite part and what I love most about Athens.