Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey guys! I just wanted to share some more awesome Instagramers that I follow! As you know, I’m really into scrapbooking and there are so many scrapbookers out there that use Instagram as a platform to share their work. I follow plenty of them, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites. What with summer now at full speed, I think these accounts are perfect for the season, as they are always so bright and summery looking! Each one of these ladies are awesome. Be sure to check them out and their blogs.



  • stephanie bryan – I found Stephanie’s blog through Studio Calico. I love her layouts and her mini books are definitely worth checking her blog out! I love the brightness of her photos and the pastel colors of her layouts, Project Life spreads and mini books. I think I have a thing for the use to white and bright pastel colors in scrapbooking. It’s very subtle, but it’s so aesthetically pleasing! Definitely worth checking her Instagram and blog out!



  • magdamiz - Again, I found Magda’s blog through Studio Calico. Much like with Stephanie, I love the way Magda uses white as her base and then builds in the bright pastel colors to all of her layouts and spreads. Both have similar aesthetics and I’m just so attracted to that. Magda’s Instagram feed is stunning though! Very clean and minimal. Lots of white, which I love!



  • blinks of life – I discovered blinks of life a long time ago–like way before I really got into scrapbooking. I might have been on Pinterest looking through the Smash book tag when I came across a pin from the blog. I absolutely love her style! Her Smash books are always so neat and pretty, and her Project Life spreads are stunning! I love all the subtle pastel colors! I can’t wait until she puts her site back up. Definitely worth checking out when she does.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If there was one bit of advice that my mother gave me when I was younger that has resonated within me for years it’s that you only ever need just one good friend in your life. Just one. And I guess I have lived my life by that rule. Since I was a kid I was always alone. I wasn’t a loner, but I didn’t have many friends. Sure in elementary school I was nice and well acquainted with all of my classmates, but there really were only about six of them that I ever invited to my house for play dates. Those were my good friends. At least as good a friend you can have when you’re eight.

In middle school I had even less friends, but I suppose that was because it was in those years where I was able to really begin to pick and choose the individuals that I really wanted to hang out with. I’ve always been a great judge of character. I suppose as a quiet, shy, extremely observant child, I was always able to pick up on little things innate to ones character but rarely–if ever–expressed on first site. I don’t know, I’ve always just called it vibes. I’m really good at picking up on people’s vibes. If I get a really bad or uncomfortable vibe from someone, I generally don’t associate with them much longer after that (course, that’s if it’s in my power to cease all association. Cause sometimes you’re stuck having to be with a person you don’t particularly like for many different reasons that are totally out of your control. In which case, I avoid contact as much as possible, though I’m very subtle about it.)  I can always tell if a person will be a good fit for me as a friend.

I’ve always had one very good friend. I suppose you can call them my best friend (though the term is a bit obscure now that I have more than one best friend). But in my school years I’ve always had the one. In high school, that best friend title sort of became obscured. I suppose it was a blessing in disguise.

Middle school was a horrible time for me. Looking back on it, I dislike those three years even more. The program I was in was very cliquey and there was very little diversity amongst the students. I felt sort of like an outsider , an oddball, and I suppose I was. I had two really good friends and a few okay friends, but that was about it. I could count them all on my hands. So naturally, going into high school I just assumed it would be the exact same atmosphere that I left in middle school. But oh how wrong I was.

I had a group of friends in high school–a rather large (by my standards) group of misfits who just liked being in each other’s company. Honestly, I don’t even know how our little group even formed, but it seems so natural now that I’ve learned not to question it. The idea of having just one really good friend sort of morphed into having multiple good friends. Of course, I find myself closer to a few of them more than others, but we’ve all experienced so much with one another that I can honestly say they are like my family. I have eight really close amazing friends (and a few other good friends, but not many) and I’m okay with that number. And I’ll tell you why.

Since the beginning they have never judged me by how I look, speak, act, my sexuality, my religion, anything. I did the same. They simply accepted me for who I am and I accepted them for who they were in turn, and by that we established a mutual understanding of one another. We are just comfortable in each other’s presence and I think that’s a beautiful thing. All of my friends have something in common with each other and then we sort of branch off in our commonness, but we still try to accommodate what each of us enjoy. And while I sometimes think that we as a group have little in common with each other now that we’re a bit older and have new friends and interests, we still have all of these shared experiences and memories that seem to hold the seems of our friendship together. And you know what? We continue to embrace that and create brand new experiences and memories with each other because we all genuinely care for one another. As we change, our friendships change, but for the most part we are still the same group of misfits who just love being in each other’s company.

I wholeheartedly believe that it’s not in the quantity but the quality of your friendships that make them last, and my friendship with all of my friends have just about proven that to me. I’ve known some of these people for over ten years! It’s quite amazing how we are all still friends with one another, me especially since I’m a hermit at heart. But a great friend is someone who’s patient and understanding; someone who thinks of you even when you don’t think they do. Someone who’ll spot you a few bucks when you’re short, or stop by your workplace and wait around until you get off. A great friend is someone who would go to the ends of the world with you and back, someone you’re not afraid of getting lost in a strange city with, or getting stuck walking (or running) through the pouring rain with. Someone who let’s you crash at their place late at night because you forgot or lost your keys and no one’s home, or someone who’ll stay up with you until dawn, just talking about anything and everything with. A great friend is someone your parents genuinely like and always ask you about even if you don’t always have the answers to their questions because you were too busy having fun with them to ask them about how school or work is going for them. A great friend is someone who will dress up with you in fancy clothes for no reason, or cosplay, or sing karaoke for hours with. Someone who you can geek out with over whatever it is you like to geek out over. A great friend is someone who forgives all your mistakes and understands that you are you and there are just some things that don’t change about that, and that’s okay. They still love and support you because they are a great friend.

I love my friends, the small few that I have, and I’m very blessed to have them in my life. And if you have just one great friend, you are blessed too.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Remember that mini book I was working on for National Scrapbook Day? Yes, that one. I finished it some time ago, don’t exactly remember when–my life has been a bit hectic as of late–but I did complete it. And it’s pretty. Seriously, it’s so different from what I usually create, I’m so surprised that I actually made this. I made this book in conjunction with Maggie Holmes’ Mini Book Workshop at Studio Calico and I guess Maggie’s style kind of influenced me a lot. I used a pastel color scheme with bits of gold here and there, which is something I find that Maggie does a lot. I even used items from her Flea Market and Styleboard collections. I didn’t have a lot of photos to use, but I think that was great because it gave room for more creativity with papers, washi and die cuts and made me focus on journaling.

There are just so many elements and textures in this mini book. I think that was the whole point of Maggie’s workshop: to learn how to add these little bits into your mini books and scrapbook pages. It really gives the entire book depth. I didn’t really make that many pages, but with all the stuff that I put in to it, the book does have some thickness to it. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this one and I think it shows. I made better pages because I wasn’t so focused on getting things right, if that makes any sense. I just had all of the elements, papers, washi tapes, die cuts, string, and a few photos laid out and just pick and chose what caught my eye or what I thought would go together well, and just glued them down. I didn’t really think of the story behind any of it. It was just spontaneous. Then I just journaled what I felt like journaling.

I should totally try creating another mini book like this in the future. It was a lot of fun and I felt like I really expanded my scrapbooking skills. I’m currently debating if I want to try this take on my 2014 Summer of Love book, but I haven’t even decided if I want to even participate in Kara Haupt’s Summer of Love this year. I haven’t actually purchased a hardcover vintage book to use and I don’t even know when I’ll get the opportunity to sit down and actually start it. I am however, looking forward to the next Studio Calico Mini Book Workshop, which will be held in August and taught by Marcy Penner! I’m quite excited to sign up for that even though I also haven’t fully decided if I actually want to purchase the class. (It might be cutting too close to my September trip. I might be able to start my book but not finished it until sometime after my trip.) But I suppose I’ll decide that when the time comes.

In the meantime, please do enjoy these lovely pages of my DIY mini book!