Monday, December 15, 2014


I’ve been thinking a lot about next year and what I want to do and who I want to be. I wrote a bunch of goals in my previous post because I wanted to get them out of my head, though most importantly, I want to complete those goals too. But I suck at keeping to goals, so I’m going to set intentions.

I don’t believe in making resolutions but I do love to set intentions.

There’s a lovely lady by the named of Susannah Conway who sets intentions every year. I love reading her blog and every year she makes this workbook, Unravelling the Year Ahead, free on her blog. Unravelling is her way of making times for herself, of recording her thoughts, feelings and dreams, and finding the beauty in oneself. Susannah teaches a 9-week course of the same name and come January 5th, I will be participating in it. I’m quite excited and nervous about it. I’m a bit unsure whether or not it was worth a pay check, but I’m hoping it will be worth it and more. By all the reviews I’ve read, it’s definitely a life-altering course to get to know and learn more about oneself. And that’s what I think I need. Maybe not to learn more about myself, but to learn how to me more honest with myself, more open. I just think a bit of unravelling is what I need at the moment and why not start in a new year?

The workbook is supposed to be your guide for the new year. Instead of setting goals, you set intentions to change, or be better. Maybe you have a problem now that you would like to amend in the new year, so your intention is to work towards a fix…or something of the nature. The first part of the workbook is to reflect on the year behind–or the year that has past. This will be where you reflect on 2014. The next part is to plan ahead for the new year, 2015. Susannah asks you to chose a word for each new year. This word is suppose to act as your guide throughout the year, reminding you and helping you to stick to your intentions, whatever they might be.

Ultimately, the workbook is to help guide you to learning or digging deeper into yourself. It’s a fresh break from your busy life and definitely a look see if you’re into this sort of thing. It’s very journal-esque and that’s its intention. Because when you write, especially about yourself, you are honest and that’s the whole point, to be honest about and with yourself. So I invite you to download the workbook and try it out for yourself.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Now, I’m not one to plan my goals–or even have goals–for a new year. I never took it seriously and to be quite honest, I still don’t take new year goals seriously. Because really, you should be able to set goals whenever you want. But that was never my problem with goals. My problem was that I never stuck to them. I’d make them and plan to stick to them but in the end I’d always fall short. Yet, since my life has been a bit chaotic as of late, I figured that I’d set a few things in motion in order to achieve some of the things that I want to achieve in the next year.

I recently added My Bucket List to my about page. Having come back home from my recent trip abroad, I realized that there are a lot more places and things that I want to do with my life that I had initially realized. What better way to get everything all down than to write up a list. I am determined to keep this list and update it whenever there’s something new I want to try or do and whenever I’ve actually completed something. I feel like this list gives me an overview of what some of my goals will be in the future. But I have decided to have a set 2015 goals list as well, just taking a few of what I want to do, one at a time.

  •  Try to focus on my music. Honestly, I think I only mentioned my music just once on this blog, but it’s been something I’ve been working on for a while now. And recently, I’ve been a bit more confident in it, having written a handful of new songs that I’m really proud of. There are some songs that I need to rework, but I’m hoping to have a good album of songs by the end of the year. That’s just one of the many goals I have in regards to my music:
    • Record new songs
    • Make a few music videos
    • Start playing at an open mics
    • Define style/identity/brand
    • Go viral (seriously)
  • Go to Southeast Asia. I’m already planning my next trip and it’s been driving me just a little bit crazy. I want to hit Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, then maybe make a trip to and around Australia. But as I do more and more research, there’s just more and more things that I want to see in Asia than I had initially listed. That, and it’s so overwhelming trying to plan it on your own without doing a group tour or anything. I have a few friends interested in  going with me this time, which is another things (along with funds) to consider when planning.
    • Keep duration of trip within two months (October and November 2015)
    • Keep within $5000 budget
    • Try to visit as many places as possible
  • Save Save Save! Seriously, right now I’m working three different jobs: I’m an assistant to two attorneys, a part time babysitter and I just started working at Paper Source, a stationery store with an emphasis on crafts. The idea for getting the Paper Source job was to save money quicker for my SEA trip, but I’ve got a little paper addiction that is very hard to keep at bay. Luckily, I haven’t used my employee discount for anything (only because I can find some products online for much cheaper), but I still have urges to buy things that currently I have about six shopping carts filled on site different stores, all of which I haven’t checked out yet because realistically, I don’t need any of the stuff, but it’s all just so pretty that I want it. And all of the Black Friday sales aren’t helping very much.
  • Then I just have a few reoccurring goals I would like to keep at as well:
    • Read more, watch less TV
    • Write more, whatever it is even if it’s bad
    • Be more open and honest to people
    • Learn to say “no”
    • Be brave

And probably the biggest goal of all is to keep up with all of these goals (how few they are). That is the real challenge. Do you set new year goals?

Monday, October 27, 2014


I am officially obsessed with my mint planner. Sometimes I don’t even want to use it, just look at it because it’s so pretty. Yes, I am quite aware that I have a serious problem. It’s such a crazy addiction I have, this paper addiction, I sometimes fail to understand it myself. Anyway, I keep thinking of ways to customize it and make it even cuter than it already is. Plus, it doesn’t help that Kikki K is holding a little contest on Instagram. All you have to do is share as many pictures or videos of how you customize your planner and you could win one of five planner goodie bags from Kikki K full of their pretty products! Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? So, I decided to play around some more and even though I don’t exactly know what I’m going to use some of the divider sections for just yet, this is how I set up my planner.


For the bits in the pockets of my planner, I kept it to a minimal. I simply have two Heidi Swapp Project Life cards from her Gold Foil Value Kit, a pack of Target page flags and two butterfly paper clips. In the larger slit pocket I have the three Kikki K sticker sheets that came with the planner inserts.

Now, for my front page, the first thing you see is a 4×6 Project Life card that reads, be happy, be bright, be you. It’s from We R Memory Keepers Simply Happy line that I got at Target and I just like the quote on it a lot that I thought it fitting in an inspirational sort of way to be the first thing I see when I open my planner up.

When you flip the card over, the next thing you’ll find is my small little dashboard that I made out of a Project Life page protector. I took a 6×8 page protector sheet that can hold four 3×4 Project Life cards and trimmed it down the middle. Then I punched the correct amount of holes in it, added a few Project Life cards (from the Heidi Swapp Dreamy and Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Editions) and that’s it! On the front side I stuck on some Target sticky notes, then on the back I have a few Hema tab sticky notes as well. I made sure to stick the notes over the cards that didn’t have a cute little quote on them. Then the next page is just the first divider that I was originally going to use as my dashboard, but I need laminate for it and I haven’t gone out and purchased any yet. I made all of my dividers out of Dear Lizzy scrapbook paper that I got on sale at Michaels.

My first section houses my personal information page and my monthly and weekly calendar inserts. I just started my planner, so there is very little to show in this section, but here’s basically the gist of it. Opposite my information page is just a bit of inspiration. The paper I used for my dividers were only one-sided, so I took a sheet of the Cute notepaper from Kikki K and finally put my Blinks of Life stamps to use. And since my planner didn’t come with a Today marker, I made one out of a Project Life divider (Honey Edition) that I trimmed down and punched holes to fit. I have two of these markers in my planner, one to mark the current monthly view calendar page and the other to mark where I am in the weekly calendar view.

Here’s a little flip through video I shot just to show you the other dividers that I made. Right now all the sections are arbitrary. I haven’t decided what I want where. I’m hoping to just use this planner at home mostly because it’s so big. I would eventually like to purchase a personal sized planner, maybe a Medium Lilac Kikki K Time Planner, and use that on the go. And if I end up doing that, I won’t really need the weekly calendar inserts, as I’ll primarily use my personal planner for all the day-to-day stuff.

But as of right now, I have a blog section where I keep track of post ideas and statues and the like for my personal blog, ariestrash, and my collaborative blog, colbie magazine. Then I have a personal section where I track my expenses, how many books I’ve read so far this year, and where I’m keeping all of my trip planning. The last section in the back just has all the Kikki K To Do page inserts. I have an extra section that is empty as of right now, but it will be used for my Ashely Goldberg class I’m taking in November over at Studio Calico.

Anyway, that’s my planner so far. I will no doubt be adding to it as I go along. But I’ll leave you here with a few pretty “outtake” photos of sorts. :)