Friday, May 13, 2016


For (Inter) National Scrapbook Day, I finished off my This I Know minibook. I wanted to get this little book done before NSD, but alas, my life just didn’t let me. But it’s completed now and I’m so happy with it! I just wanted to share the last few pages here. Please forgive the messy desk. That’s a piece of white poster board I have on top of my desk that I work on so I don’t ruin my desk with all the paints and such. All the decorations I had in the previous photos I ended up using in the book (which I’m so proud of!). So I didn’t have anything to cover up the mess and to be quite honest, it didn’t even phase me when I took these photos. Oops!

12. be open to new and different possibilities.
13. collecting memories is the best souvenir.
14. make mistakes

I always find that when I get half way through a minibook, I tend to loose momentum. I think that sort of happened here, as I found myself running out of ideas, but I tried to play around with my paints as much as possible. So for this first spread I went back and used my watercolors and did some fun spatters on the page, which I end up covering a bit with a flower die cut. I also added in some pen scribbles, which are my favorite.

For the next one, I just scribbled all over the old book page before covering most of it up with a collage of some of the pieces I pulled out specifically for this little book. My whole goal was to use up all of the bits and pieces I had originally set aside for this minibook and not add anything else from my stash, only to keep the book looking consistent in terms of papers and embellishments. So I was basically stuck with whatever I had on hand.

This last one was another one I played around with my watercolors. It’s super simple and I think the paint splatters are what gives the spread interest as well as movement, since it creates a contrast with the papers and colors I used. And who doesn’t love a good paint splatter?

15. there is always time
16. when life gives you lemons plant the seeds and grow your own lemon tree

For this next one, I used scraps. Quite literally, that gold foil circle outline piece is the scrap left over from when I punched a bunch of gold circles out for my “Be True” spread earlier in the minibook. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t throw that piece away, so in it went into my book!

The following spread I played around with watercolors again, using the gold washi tapes that I cut into strips and bits as masks of sorts. Once the paints dried, I peeled the washi off to reveal a bit of the white paper underneath, then I kept the washi tape on the page, but just positioned them a bit off from their white shadow.

This next page I did on the go. I took a few things with me one day when I had to babysit and take the kid to his swimming lesson. Since I was waiting around for an hour, I decided to work on my book. It’s very interesting how long this particular page took me! It took me the whole hour I waited, mostly in part because I felt so limited in what I could do without my paints and other mediums. I basically used paper, my tape runner and a pen.

17. being alone sometimes is not always such a bad thing
18. travel the world

I kept this last spread pretty simple. Again, I had this pink polkadot vellum paper that you can see through to the next page, so all I did was a little collage of scrap paper strips on the old book paper and added a flower die cut to accent the page. On the vellum I added a gold glittered tag and journaled on it. For the next spread, I cut a globe image from a piece of map wrapping paper I had and glued that down before adding my journaling and the black paint splatters.

19. what’s your currency?
20. you only need one true friend in your life

For this next one, I basically played around with all the scraps I had left over. I glued down some random bits and wrote “what’s your” with pieces of the gold foil washi tape. I then wrote “currency?” with black India Ink. For this last spread, I took the remaining flower die cut and the left over half circles, and just collaged them on one side. On the other side, I did my journaling with some vellum alphas to highlight the main point and the rest was written in black ink.

Anyway, enjoy the little flip through video I have below. In it, I go through all of the pages and spreads in this little book and basically explain my fact for each one. It’s the first time I really did a flip through like this and I do hope you enjoy!


Sunday, May 8, 2016


The month of April in my Heidi Swapp memory planner is interesting. For all the weekly spreads, I used mostly my November Planner Society kit. I used up the entire kit for this month, give or take a few stickers I have left, and I really love it! I’ve been struggling with using up my kits, but I think I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to use up my Planner Society kits. I think each month is going to be decorated with a different kit. I have tons of other products that I like to decorate with, such as Heidi Swapp’s own memory planner line that I decorated March with, but this would be a great to use up my Planner Society kits, especially the papers, as they are beginning to pile up.

The first week of April began on a Friday, so I just covered up the entire left side with paper and printed a bigger photo of the April Love 2016 challenge from Susannah Conway to place there. I documented the start of the week on the other side, which wasn’t really much since it was just the weekend.

This is the first full week of April. I continued using the November kit and I really struggled with adding all of my photos into this week! I had a lot more photos than usual, because I wanted to add in photos of my April Love art journaling pages, as well as everyday photos I took that same week. But I think I managed to lay them out in a way that works.

I also had too many photos for this week. This was my birthday weeks and while I didn’t add any April Love art journaling spread photos, I still had a lot of photos of just my everyday life and my weekend with my friends! So I added a card from one of my Planner Society kits and added the remaining photos that didn’t fit in my spread, but that I wanted to add, on the back of it and hole punched it in so it sits in the middle of the spread.

I continued using the November kit for this week and again, I had quite a bit of photos that I wanted to include in this week’s spread. Not nearly as many as the last week, but still a handful that I has to strategically collage them on the page. I ended up using a lot of the stickers from the kit, just to connect each photo, so they whole thing would look a bit more cohesive.

This last week was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t have as many photos as the previous weeks and I was working with whatever I had left over from my November Planner Society kit. But even so, I think the spread came out great. I managed to use up all of my November papers and most of the stickers and embellishments, even though I still have a fair few of them left. It felt really good to “kill a kit” as scrappers would say.

In all, I’m quite happy with how April turned out! Again, I’ve realized that I like using a whole kit for the whole month. It works to keep the month cohesive and it helps to use up my kits! I think for May I’m going to chose one of my unused Planner Society kits and use it for the entire month. I think going forward that is how I’m going to use up my kits. Anyway, I filmed a little flip through of my spreads from March to April. Watch it below and I hope you enjoy!


Saturday, April 30, 2016

tik1I haven’t made a minibook in a very long time! Every year, I usually purchase Studio Calico’s Minibook Workshop Bundle. It’s a bundle of brand new minibook classes for the year. I made my DIY Minibook and my Celebrate Today minibook from the classes Maggie Holmes did for the workshop in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Last year though, I didn’t finished any other minibook class besides Maggie’s, so this year I thought I’d pass on purchasing the bundle all together. But throughout the year, a minibook class would go live for enrollment, giving you the opportunity to purchase just that one class if you like, instead of the entire bundle. Well, I come to find out this month that one of my favorite art journalers/scrapbookers, Caylee Grey, is teaching one of the minibook classes! I debated buying it–it’s $10 for one class–since I hadn’t allotted it in my monthly budget, but when it’s Caylee and a hybrid art journal minibook class, I just had to have it.

So I purchased it this past Thursday and have been playing around in my minibook since. I did all the lessons once through, then set to work that Thursday afternoon making my mini. This book is definitely different. For one, it’s tiny! It’s about the size of a Pocket Moleskine journal, though I made mine a bit wider, so about 4×5.5, which is so out of my usual. It definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone since it’s so small. But I’m absolutely loving the size of it! Caylee demonstrates so many different techniques and ideas to play with and I’m loving all the new ideas she’s brought to my mind! Seriously, I would have never thought to gesso scrapbook pages where the pattern was too bright for my style, but OMG it’s such a game changer in my scrapbooking and art journaling process! Like her, I’m more drawn to muted colors and pastels, so I’d normally just toss aside papers that are too bold. But gesso, hello! It’s one of the moments where I thought, now why didn’t I think of that before!


tiffany. 27. aries. art deviant. wanderlusting through life.

Now before I go on and give more of the class away–I’m not, I promise, so you can check it out for yourself at Studio Calico. Tomorrow (May 1st) is the last day to enroll in it–here’s the first half of my minibook. I’m still working on filling it up, but I’ve actually made quite a handful of spreads already. Seriously, I had so many ideas and things I wanted to try that once I came up with an overarching theme to my minibook, I’ve just been working on it nonstop. My minibook is called This I Know, and in it is a bunch of things that I know to be true about life. These are all things that I have pulled from my own experiences and believe to be true. Some points may not pertain to you, but I think they are all pretty universal for the most part. But for the first page, I followed Caylee and jotted down an intro page of sorts, including a photo and a few true facts about myself.

1. be forever who you are
2. not all dogs are friendly

This class definitely got me playing around with my mediums and materials. I pulled out my acrylics, which I haven’t played with since I bought my watercolor palette last year. I used a mixture of both types of paint in this book and I love the effects. I also left a lot of the pages really simple. Like this green page with just the flower on it. I felt that since the spread before it and the page after it where really busy, leaving it so simple just made it work.

3. never lend your favorite book out to a friend; you’ll never see it again
4. it’s all okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
5. give love away
6. mother is always right

Caylee’s class also encourages you to use all sorts of different papers in your minis. Here, I used scrapbook paper (some of which I gessoed over), old book pages, paper doilies, printed vellum and watercolor paper. I love all the different textures and visual effects it gives my mini.

6. being weird is good. it makes you interesting
7. everyone love a great floral arrangement
8. there’s a story in everything

Even though I’ve been playing around with some new things, I still managed to incorporate one of my image transfers into my mini! I mean, it’s not one of my art journals if it doesn’t have an image transfer! It was very interesting including one on such a small canvas, but I like how it blends in with the scrapbook paper.

9. be true
10. be honest
11. make something. grow

This “Be True” spread is by far my favorite. I used my circle punch to punch through practice sheets where I played around with my acrylics and watercolor paints. I also covered a page with gold foil washi tape and punched circles out of that too. Then I painstakingly cut them all in half and layered them as so. The bigger half-circles were circle die cuts from Notes & Things from Crate Paper’s Project Life value kit that I also cut in half. I just love all of the colors and the texture the layers create. It’s just so pretty! I also really like the “Be Honest” spread, where I used alphas as a mask and painted over them. It’s so fun and I love the effect.

That is all I have to share so far from my This I Know minibook. I’ll definitely post the second half of spreads and a flip through video on my YouTube channel when it’s all completed. Definitely check it out in my gallery as well.